As a fast-growing company with over 700 employees in Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, the US and Malta, G5 has a responsibility to contribute to sustainable economic, environmental and social development in the countries where it operates. G5 is focused on developing appropriate policies and governance models to further develop the work in these areas. In the current process, the company is focusing mainly on issues relating to its employees, in addition to environmental and ethical issues.

Economic Sustainability 

G5 contributes to local, regional and national economic growth by directly and indirectly creating jobs, as well as paying taxes and duties where the business is conducted. This is especially important in Ukraine where a lot of the competitors in the country uses contractual workers to avoid these taxes. The group usually host two corporate events each year, which also contributes to local economic growth. Given the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic the company will at most hold one event in 2021. Long term
growth and profitability for G5 is good for both society and employees. At the same time, G5 will be a responsible company that always acts in accordance with existing legislation at national, regional and local levels.

Environmental concerns

G5’s core business operations has very limited environmental impact. The company rents its offices and therefore doesn’t own any property. The landlords are usually responsible according to the lease for e.g. electricity supply, waste disposal and in some cases recycling. G5 assumes that this is handled according to local rules and regulations. Sustainable energy sources are sought after where available. Similarly, G5 utilizes external providers for the majority of its servers and corresponding equipment needed for operations. Where G5 has the opportunity to choose an electricity supplier, the company chooses larger, recognized partners. This is for two reasons, partly because the business is entirely dependent on reliable electricity supplies and partly because major suppliers are already carrying out their own sustainability work.
G5 primarily affects the environment through employee travel, and by dismantling end-of-life hardware, primarily in the form of computers. G5 is a geographically diversified company with offices in 5 countries, so where possible, the company strives to replace travelling with internet-based communications, such as video conferencing, both for environmental and cost-related reasons. During 2020 travels have been limited due to the pandemic. Also, where possible, transportation types with the least possible environmental impact are used. G5 strives, as far as possible, that the expired and outdated equipment is sent for proper recovery. The largest volumes in this respect are created at the company’s office in Ukraine, where the most employees are located. As G5’s units are small and relatively autonomous in terms of administrative issues, recycling is adapted to local conditions and requirements. From the company management level there are minimum requirements and guidelines issued for the work.

Social Responsibility


For the office in the United States, G5 has issued a special policy, “Personnel Management Rules for the United States Office”, which complies with US rules and practices regarding, for example, gender equality, equal treatment and integrity. For the businesses in Russia and Ukraine, the countries where G5 has the majority of its employees, G5 strictly adheres to the respective labour laws of these countries. The laws govern all issues such as diversity, gender equality and employee rights and obligations. The labour law thus constitutes an important regulator for both companies and employees. While the company takes non-discrimination seriously, the hiring and promotional decisions within the company are based on employee assessment only, as the company operates in highly competitive industry. Through its procedures G5 has proven that a healthy gender balance can be achieved in a technology company without affirmative action.

Data privacy

G5 is diligent in following rules and regulations with regards to data privacy. GDPR specifically, and other local rules and procedures in general, is an important topic for the organisation and maintaining and monitoring established rules and procedures is integrated in the daily work within the company. Generally, G5 can possess data that could target specific devices. For the business operations these datapoints are of less interest as the company is primarily interested in larger cohort of users. G5 has its own social network built into the games called the G5 Friends network. Some general personal data is collected that gives the user the ability to play the games on multiple devices and store their progress. From G5’s perspective the data is used for cross-selling between and games and interacting with the users which also in this instance primarily is used on a cohort base.

Code of conduct

G5 has a common code of conduct for the company as a whole. Also each office can have its own policies that do not constitute rules, but are clear recommendations for how employees interact, facilitate effective communication, and work to develop a good culture at the workplace. The basic principles for each employee's conduct towards colleagues and companies, as well as the company's responsibility and conduct, are included as part of each employment contract.

Working environment

G5 develops software and therefore has no direct physical stressful work environment. In regards to the mental and social work environment, it is regulated, partly in the previously mentioned labour laws, and partly in the policy for each individual office.


G5’s operations shall be characterized by a responsible approach from all aspects of the company’s business. The G5 Board has issued a special policy dealing with corruption and bribery: G5 Entertainment AB Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy. The policy will ensure compliance with rules regarding bribery and corruption principles. It applies to all employees and suppliers in all markets and also in relationships with customers and partners. If there are suspicions of violation of the policy, an internal investigation will be carried out immediately, which may be supplemented by an external review, if necessary, by an independent actor. All events are reported to the company management and board. G5’s CFO is responsible for anti-corruption work.