Ivan Kurshev

Director of Analytics
Limassol Development Office

Ivan has been working in the gaming industry since 2014. After working as an analyst, he worked his way up to department lead and then to director of analytics. Along the way, he worked on projects in various genres, from casual to mid-core. He also worked with user acquisition and marketing, helping his colleagues make informed decisions on project development using analytical data.

Ivan joined G5 in 2018, and since then he has been working on the creation and development of the project analytics department. In his first year, he assembled a team of specialists for core company projects, and he developed and implemented a variety of methods and processes for analyzing game data, including A/B testing. Then, he developed analytics for marketing, user acquisition, and other initiatives. Analytics at G5 has come a long way since 2018, under Ivan’s guidance. Now Ivan continues to make strides in analytics, advancing both in depth and breadth: implementing the latest, most relevant analytical tools and approaches, and covering a wide range of problems and tasks. Ultimately, his work with data analysis helps his colleagues get the information they need to make smart decisions. Ivan graduated from Voronezh University of Consumer Cooperation with a degree in economics.